Korean studies e-courses to be offered real time
Korean studies e-courses to be offered real time
  • Yang Su-bin
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Sharing lectures through Internet to teach and listen international voices
Korean Universities including Ewha Womans University are sending e-courses on Korean studies are being sent to Chulalongkorn Univeresity in Thailand, Universitas Indonesia in Indonesia, University of Malaga in Malaysia, and University of Social Science and Humanities in Hochiminh, Vietnam as real-time lectures or lectures recorded in a studio in advance. Korea Foundaion, sponsor of this project, aims to provide only real-time lectures in future.
Starting this semester, eight universities in Korea is providing real time on-line courses on Korean Studies to four universities in Southeast Asia via the Korea Foundation (KF) Global e-School project.
Most of the lectures have been about Korean language education, Korean literature or the history of Korea. As more people show interest in Korea’s politics, economics, and international relations, the Korea Foundation launched the KF Global e-School Project to meet the increased demands for the field, according to Korea Foundation.
“I am expecting to hear what foreign students think about the Korean Wave, since we evaluated the effect of the Korean Wave ourselves,” said Ewha Graduate School professor Kim Young-hoon (Korean Studies) who is providing his lecture, Understanding Korean Culture and Heritage. “Providing online courses is more meaningful than just giving Korean textbooks to foreign students since we can share our opinions.”
Professors from seven Korean universities including Ewha Womans University, Seoul National University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Sungkyunkwan University and Korea University sent recorded lectures or real time on-line courses in English or Korean to share lectures with students in Southeast Asia from this March. Students from University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Hochiminh, Vietnam, University of Malaya in Malaysia, Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, and Universitas Indonesia will benefit from taking courses which are directly provided by professors in Korea.
Though some courses are provided after being recorded in the studio for trial, Global e-School will provide real-time broadcasts of professors lecturing in classrooms. For the real-time lectures, the lectures will only be available at the times the professor is actually giving them. For recorded lectures, it will be provided at the time when students feel comfortable.
During the first period of this project from 2011 to 2013, eight universities will provide lectures. Each university will contribute from two to four courses on the politics and economic development of Korea, Korea and international politics, and other various fields that have become popular among foreign students.
Moreover, in addition to on-line courses, Korean professors plan to visit overseas universities to give off-line seminars and workshops during winter or summer vacations from 2013. In the long term, the Korea Foundation will provide scholarships for students who complete Korean studies courses with high grades when they study to get their master’s or doctoral degrees.
“The popularity of Korean studies has even reached the opposite side of the Earth - Chile. However, interested students cannot buy materials or read Korean books. To that point, providing real time on-line lectures can be the most accessible way to teach Korean studies to students outside of Korea.” said professor Choi Joon-sik (Korean Studies).

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