Behind Ewha’s success in National exams 2
Behind Ewha’s success in National exams 2
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How Ewha got into Top Five Universities in national exams


The College of Social Science and the College of Law are providing classes exclusively for students preparing for the national bar exam, the Foreign Service Examination, and the Higher Civil Service Examination. The bar exam preparation class consists of approximately 150 students, the Higher Civil Service Examination preparation class 80 students, and the Foreign Service Examination preparation class 16 students. Each class has implemented a unique system for managing students and offering services and support.
Ewha’s key to producing great numbers of successful applicants
While the Foreign Service Examination preparation class or the Higher Civil Service Examination preparation class restrains students preparing for other exams; Soseul Residence, the national bar exam preparation class supported by the College of Law, does not limit students. However, due to its location and as most of the students preparing for the bar exam gather at Soseul Residence, it is more familiar as the bar exam preparation class.
In addition to the reading rooms, amenities include a reference library, audiovisual rooms, exam information and data collecting room, private rooms, five seminar rooms and other facilities. The College of Law also offers scholarships to the students of Soseul Residence.
All these privileges are offered to students who pass the enterance exam of Soseul Residence which is held towards the end of winter and summer vacations. Only one in four applicants is accepted, as an increasing number of students have become interested in taking national examinations.
“Ewha’s examination classes are highly recommendable because they exert utmost efforts to create the best studying environment for the students,” said a student who stayed at Soseul Residence for a year and wishes to stay anonymous.
Study materials such as books and academic papers are available at the Foreign Service Examination and the Higher Civil Examination preparation classes as well.


Ewha offers a bevy of chances to reach for goal
Compared to other universities that also offer national examination preparation classes, Ewha stands out in terms of managing students, creating study groups, professors providing advice, and most of all, extending class accommodation.
“The private educational institute liaison program was most useful for me because I received financial support for my English fluency test and academic tuitions,” said Lee Ji-un (Politics and Diplomacy, 4).
For the national bar exam preparation class, Soseul Residence provides academic programs such as mock tests, study groups, reviews, and meetings with students who have already passed the exam.
“I remember the first day I just started the preparation class, when I had the chance to met with students who had passed the bar exam,” said Jang Young-shin (Public Administration, 3). “The special connection I made with the students that day was definitely something that only Ewha provides.”
Jang said that the upperclassmen paid visits just to check if study groups need an extra boost, and constantly kept in touch to encourage and give her tips, test information, and advice on how to organize study plans.
“Ever since I started to feel that the school really cared, I gained an extra boost,” said Jang. “I think it’s actually affecting my scores.”

More Ewhains taking national examinations
Increasing numbers of students are preparing for other examinations such as the Press Examination and the national Patent Lawyer exam. Ewha launched preparation classes for each last April.
To better meet students’ demands, Ewha plans to focus on having more programs for various examinations and students are also trying hard to take full advantages of the efforts made by the school.
“A few weeks ago, I read an article about one of our colleagues receiving the highest score in a state examination,” said Lee Eun-jung (Economics, 3), a student who just entered Soseul Residence. “I also want to do my best to make my fellow students proud.”

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