CDC strengthens leadership and working skill courses
CDC strengthens leadership and working skill courses
  • Park Ra-kyung
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  The Ewha Career Development Center (CDC) reformed the leadership and working skill classes to offer more professional  curriculum and job experience to students, starting from this semester.
The CDC’s courses aim to improve students’ career related abilities and it is divided into two different categories: leadership workshop and working skill/internship classes.

Changes in leadership courses
  The CDC provided Leadership Workshop 1, 2 and Global Leadership and Career Development for students each semester until last year. Leadership Workshop 1 was previously open for only freshmen and sophomores with a GPA higher than 3.0, while Leadership Workshop 2 was for juniors and seniors who passed Leadership Workshop 1.
   However, by replacing Leadership Workshop 1 with a more integrated course, which is called Global Leadership and Career Development, leadership classes are now open to all students regardless of their GPA and academic year.
  “People had a misconception that learning leadership is only for the qualified and chosen ones,” said Kang Jeeny, a staff member of the CDC. “We revised the curriculum because leadership skill is must-have knowledge for all Ewha students.”
   The overall curriculum of new leadership course will be the same with Leadership Workshop 1, but the class will focus more on leadership skills needed in job environment, and its size and number of classes will also be increased.
Students who took Career Leadership classes are eligible to take the revised Leadership Workshop, which was formerly named Leadership Workshop 2.

 Changes in working skill courses
   There are Internship 1, 2 and the employment mentoring courses as the working skill classes.
Internship classes were open for all semesters including summer and winter sessions. However, Internship classes will be open for only spring and fall semesters from this year. The course’s grading system based on students’ past or on-going internship experience will be the same, but the CDC decided to accept more internship experiences by abolishing the term of validity.
  “The change seems like to narrow students’ chances for internship, but it practically gives more options to students,” Kang said.
  The employment mentoring course has made change in its curriculum by separating the course into two fields: Class 1 is for prospective interns and class 2 is for students who want to prepare for real job recruitment. This categorization is expected to provide more customized curriculum necessary for individual career preparation.
  “The CDC realized that every student differs in her senior career,” Kang said. “We are doing our best to fulfill students’ diverse requirements in pursuing a career life through the courses and other CDC’s programs.”
For more specific class change information, visit CDC’s Web site (

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