Student service homepages get improved
Student service homepages get improved
  • Namkung Yoon
  • 승인 2011.02.26 12:17
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  The Student Service Center (SSC) opened its homepage ( on Jan. 27 for students’ convenience and efficiency in various student service programs online. Before the opening of the SSC’s new homepage, students obtained the information regarding student service by the notice boards on the school’s main homepage or the Ewha Portal Information System. Rather than having to search for the information from various homepages, students are now able to find the information by entering the new homepage that connects to student services.
  As the homepage address remarks, the SSC provides ‘onestop’ service. All information regarding student service such as finding loss property, applying for lockers, or issuing transcripts is available on the new homepage. Moreover, students can directly connect to the school’s board of complaints through the SSC’s homepage for quick solutions.
  Starting from last year’s fall semester, the SSC operated a student service monitoring system called Eroeum, which consists of student volunteers who applied to monitor the student service at Ewha. Eroeum will also post all its notice and information on the new homepage so that the other students can see how the student service is being monitored.
  “We hope that students get the best out of the new SSC’s homepage. Students’ suggestions in the improvement of student service programs are always welcome through the homepage,” Nam Kyeong-hee, the senior clerical staff of the SSC, said.
During the winter vacation, the Ewha Library also put efforts into providing students with improved service programs through its homepage renovation.

  Starting from March, the library implemented the new service programs, which was stabilized for students’ use, after running a pilot service until February.
  The new homepage service, the Platform Independence, enables any Internet browser to have access to the library’s homepage. By the Easy Proxy service, students can use the library homepage with smart phones without security problems. Moreover, students can share their book reviews through the new service by the Social Ewha service, easily see the conditions of the books by the Smart User Interface.
  “It is good that the school is putting efforts into improving the service for students online. I look forward to using the new online homepages this semester, especially the Ewha Library because I use the library often,” Lee Kyung-hee (English, 3) said.

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