Sunbae Ramen launched as new donation campaign for alumnae
Sunbae Ramen launched as new donation campaign for alumnae
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 Ewha launched a new donation exclusively for Ewha alumnae titled Sunbae Ramen Relay Campaign, in which each donator will pay 10,000 won every month. The campaign was initiated by the Office of University Relations and Development (OURD) as a part of Serving and Sharing Project.

 “There are many students who are in need of financial assistance in tuition fees and living expenses. We hope alumnae would help them by gathering their strength through the campaign,” said Kang Hye-song from the OURD.
The first agreement was made on Nov. 11 by professor Kim Seok-hyang from Master’s and Doctoral Interdisciplinary Programs in North Korean Studies.

 To join the campaign, one needs to fill out a document that can be downloaded from Web site. Also, the donation is a relay, because it consists a section where one can recommend the next donator.

 Donators will be given the Sunbae Ramen with the Ewha Family Card, and either Ewha Alumnae Note or Ewha Phone Strap of a choice. Sunabae Ramen was designed by a faculty from the OURD, and manufactured in cooperation with Ottogi Co, Ltd, a food manufacturing company in Korea since 1969.

 “10,000 won per month is a small amount, but if a lot of people join, it can make a miracle. This campaign will spread the culture of sharing within the Ewha community,” Kang said.

 For more information, visit the OURD homage ( or call (02) 3277-3969.

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