United action brightens students’ future
United action brightens students’ future
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 The College of Engineering’s scholarship fundraising effort hit its second year this November. Through steady, active participation, professors and alumnae have accumulated 80 percent of the targeted 5.7 million won. Funds will be raised until the end of the year, and will be given to students starting next semester.

 Professor Kim Myoung-hee, dean of College of Engineering in 2008 when the effort began, organized the Love College of Engineering 1-2-4 Scholarship. The scholarship’s name reflects how funds are collected. The number “1” represents a single donor, the “4” represents a donation of 40,000 won, and “2” represents a pledge to donate monthly for two years.

 According to the College of Engineering, some professors opened several accounts linked to the scholarship, exceeding the 40,000 won donation.

 The scholarship is based on the simple belief that tightening their belts for money spent on daily comforts would help prospective students in need of tuition fees in the future.

 “Though 40,000 won per month can be raised by saving the cost of a cup of coffee a day, once it is collected, it will work as a foundation for future engineering science leaders,” said Professor Lee Sang-ho (Computer Science & Engineering), the current dean of the College of Engineering.

 The fundraising started with 40 professors and alumnae. Now, 45 people, including almost every professor in the college and a few alumnae, participate in.

 While alumnae donate to the scholarship by transferring money into a special account, professors automatically deduct a certain amount of money from their salaries for the scholarship account.

 According to the College of Engineering, details for scholarship distribution - such as recipient selection criteria, scholarship amounts and how money will be given - are not decided, but five students are expected to benefit from next semester and semesters that followed.

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