International students find real life at Ewha “satisfactory”
International students find real life at Ewha “satisfactory”
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The Global Campus Project brought a 37.5 percent increase in the number of global campuses worldwide (Graph 1) and a two-fold increase in the number of in and out-bound students (Graph 2).
 Ewha Voice (EV): Why did you choose Ewha?

 Frank: The first reason was because Ewha is women’s university! The second is because of my major, economics and politics in East Asia. I am very satisfied with my decision. Also, Ewha is close to all major institutions and libraries in Seoul. If you study politics of East Asia with a main focus on South Korea, it is like paradise.

 Xiao-yi: Ewha was the best choice in the list of Korean universities. My professor back in China told me that the best way to learn Korean is to have a Korean boyfriend so I wanted to attend a co-ed school at first. But I find my life is very comfortable in Ewha because everyone is a girl, like me.


 EV: How do you manage the course registration period?

 Frank: If international students want to register their courses online through the Ewha Portal Information Site, they usually can’t do it. If they are logged-in, they have to switch the language from English to Korean.

 Denis: We also take the advice of international students who came to Ewha before. The Ewha Portal Information Site does not contain information on every course. I hope information on whether international students are allowed to take the course or not is announced well.

 Alice: Even though I majored in East Asian politics, I wanted to take a course related to consumer behaviors. However, just freshmen were allowed to take the course because there weren’t any international students and all lectures were provided in Korean. So, I had no choice but to take an online course. It just happened due to lack of information.

 Xiao-yi: I took a course on Korean cultural history. In class, if I do not preview what we are going to learn, I cannot understand the terminology. But the professor lets me hand in assignments in Chinese if the contents are too difficult. So I don’t really have a problem expressing my thoughts.


 EV: How convenient is the Global Cyber Campus?

 Denis: Two weeks after entering Ewha, we can use the Global Cyber Campus. The Cyber Campus is more organized than that of my university in my country. I think it is very convenient that we can discuss with classmates or submit assignments online. However, we cannot access the Global Cyber Campus and the Ewha Portal Information Site with Macintosh computers.


 EV: Do you feel club activities are open to international students?

 Denis: I wanted to join the table tennis club, but I couldn’t because there are no clubs like this. But with my Peace Buddy, I could go sightseeing in Seoul. I heard there is a Taekwondo club for international students.

 Xiao-yi: Another Chinese student told me there was a club that helps Chinese students study and make friends, run by Korean students majoring in Chinese language and literature and Chinese exchange students. I applied but couldn’t go to the interview since I was sick that morning. I asked them by e-mail whether I could have another interview. But they never replied and I couldn’t join.

 EV: How is life in the Ewha-Samsung International House or Graduate School Dormitory?

 Frank: I like the Ewha-Samsung Int’l House a lot. We can’t cook for ourselves, but it’s still pretty good to live in.

 Xiao-yi: The Graduate School Dormitory has very loose regulations. My friend hasn’t stayed in Graduate School Dormitory for a few days but people never check.


 EV: How do you get school news or new policies?

 Alice: We don’t really have access to the news. Web sites for international students are outdated.


 EV: How is life at Ewha, and how is it different from campus life in your countries?

 Xiao-yi: I have noticed that Korean students use the Internet a lot. They turn in their assignments and ask questions online. In China, we use the Internet only when we register for classes and do research. Also, there is a fewer number of students in liberal arts classes at Ewha than in China. So I think I can learn more.

 Denis: I am working less in Ewha than I did in my university, but more constantly. At my university, it’s more of a short period of time.


 EV: In what way could Ewha improve as a global campus?

 Frank: At Ewha it is easy to find directions if you are good at English. My university back in Germany doesn’t provide directions in English. What I find uncomfortable is that the Centennial Library opens late and closes early. It doesn’t open on Sunday. Why? Also, English ability varies among school staff. I wanted to make a copy at the Cannon POD Center but the staff couldn’t understand me so it was difficult for me to copy.

 Denis: I love the Reading Room but there are no specific places for students to meet up for team projects. I hope they create places for it.

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