China Plans Cultural Exports To Korea
China Plans Cultural Exports To Korea
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Korea Targeted By New Upcoming China
The overheated concert halls flooding with enthusiastic fans, their eyes glued on Korean singers such as ?even or ?abyvox and screaming to their every moves, or the Korean soap operas and movies like ?all Story and ?y Little Bride that touch Chinese hearts are just a few examples of Korean culture being exported to China, and is part of the so-called ?orean Wave.
Korean culture has increasingly been gaining popularity and soaking into China through television shows, films, teenage idol stars, and also through inter-governmental programs like ?he Month of Korean Culture. The Koreans thought this trend in China as a great, once-in-a-lifetime chance to be more influential in the host society as well as a chance to gain profit and dominance in the future world? biggest market.
However, the cultural trade and its yummy crumbs are no longer treats only for Koreans, for China is now focusing on Korea as its first stage in propagating Chinese culture in Asia and around the globe. There was even a magazine ?hina & Korea, which introduced Chinese culture and contained other general information about China published for Koreans in Korean# by the Chinese government.
In addition,# the Chinese Cultural Center (CCC) is to open in late October or early November. China is running three cultural centers and the one in Korean is going to be the first one in Asia.
Among the many countries in Asia, the Chinese government is organizing a cultural center particularly in Korea based on its potentials- augmenting the #number of students studying overseas, tourist and visitors; the firm relationship between two countries; increasing Korean business activities and factories in China.
The cultural exchange between China and Korea resulted in an astonishing 12 year growth after the normalization of trade relations. Also according to the statistics provided by the Chinese government, the number of Korean-visa students studying in China counts up to 35,950 (Chinese student studying in Korea are at least 3,221). Moreover, there are over 13,000 people who take Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)­Chinese Proficiency Test (CPT).
The Embassy of the People? Republic of China in Korea says that China is now concentrating more on television and mass media, publication, and youth in terms of China? cultural inflow in Korea. Chinese main broadcasting center has been cooperating with the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) since 2002, and in the past they have even coordinated a soap opera.
?he mutual absorbtion of cultural advantages should be the aim of all cultural interchanges, mentions a member of the Korea-China Cultural Association. Diverse and abundant tourist resources; a 5000-year history and a pride of the continent; the orientation of ancient civilization; a leap from the past to the future, and a China of a new world are the slogans China hangs over the CCC in Korea.

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