EVC opens new spectrum of beautiful world
EVC opens new spectrum of beautiful world
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The EVC held an Ewha Volunteers’ Homecoming Day on Oct. 12 at the LG Convention Hall.

 The 2010 Making A Beautiful World event will be held from Nov. 1 to 5, coordinated by the Ewha Volunter Center (EVC) and the Support Center for Students with Disabilities, and sponsored by Ewha Alumna Association, Ewha Labor Union, Ewha Cooperation and E-Land. Various activities and events, including Taking a Step of Love, which is a school walkathon, a photo exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the EVC, and a campaign for improving awareness of the disabled will be held.

 The main event is Taking a Step of Love held on Nov. 3 from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the plaza next to the Admission Hall. Starting from the Front Gate, participants will pass through the byroad of the Ewha Centennial Library, the Law Building and the Science Buildings and come back to the Front Gate crossing over the road behind the Student Union Building and Ewha-POSCO Building. Anyone can participate in the walkathon either by pre-registering at the EVC or by spontaneous participation on the day of the event. For pre-registered participants, the EVC will give a small gift. Taking a Step of Love began in 2001 as a fund-raising event.

 The EVC, established in April 2000, has been continuously putting forth efforts to share Ewha’s love with the society. Since its establishment, EVC has sent Ewha Volunteers to underdeveloped countries to educate teenagers and built houses for them. The center also hosted a Social Service Exposition for the first time among other universities. Additionally, the Center founded a blood donation bank and promotes blood donation among students.

 Since 2008, the EVC started a student mentoring program with the Gangseo District Office of Education as one of the Donghaeng Projects supported by the Seoul City Hall.

 As its first event to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the EVC held an Ewha Volunteers’ Homecoming Day under the theme of 2010 Making A Beautiful World with Ewha on Oct. 12 at the LG Convention Hall. It was not only to celebrate its anniversary, but also to gather together alumnae and current students who have participated in its volunteering services since 2000 and to ruminate upon their activities.

 Along with diverse events, the EVC welcomes fund-raising. The collected funds will be used as scholarships for kids and teenagers in Seodaemun-Gu who are in need of assistance for their studies. Last year, the EVC sponsored a program called Lunch Box of Love.

 “The EVC will continue delivering a volunteering spirit by sending the Ewha Volunteers locally and internationally,” said Lee Mi-yang, a manger at the EVC.

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