Embracing new challenges in Europe
Embracing new challenges in Europe
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Moon Eun-jin (‘10, Public Administration) studied at the University of Paderborn for a semester and managed to travel to 24 countries in Europe during her exchange program.
 Already a year has passed since my days as an exchange student. But even today those days continue to make my life colorful and vibrant. I set out as an exchange student a little later than others, which made me determined to enjoy my independence and opportunity to its fullest. Looking back, I realize that the fun of it all did not depend on the country itself but the thoughts that crossed my mind during the stay. The determination to challenge myself and manage time wisely was the two pillars that made my experience more fulfilling.

 The chance to challenge myself came when I travelled through Northern and Eastern parts of Europe alone with my own savings. I took up a part-time job before leaving for the exchange program and the investments in various funds had really paid off. Using up personal savings calls upon a certain amount of courage and a lot of wisdom.

 This well-known fact nurtured me into a more decisive person and a prudent consumer with priorities. The trip itself was rather painstaking but refreshing.

 Back then, time management meant finding time to cram in other activities along with my studies. My exchange program was at Germany, which meant I had to take language courses four hours a week, attend classes and go on occasional trips. Not a day was less hectic than the day before but I managed to skip only the classes that overlapped each other and managed to visit a total of 24 countries in Europe during breaks. I also finished every assignment beforehand, freeing myself to have fun as much as possible.

 I believe breaking through negative presumptions and urging oneself to experience everything there is to experience is what exchange programs are all about. Unexpected problems and anxieties will always come up when you’re an exchange student, but it is important to embrace the experience let those worries go in the end. Everything ends up being a fun memory anyway.

 I know that nearly everyone has heard of a similar version of my story, but not all pluck up the courage to live it through. I hope my fellow Ewhaians find the courage to take up the challenge, and have colorful experiences as exchange students.

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