Ewha initiates new scholarship
Ewha initiates new scholarship
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 Ewha is providing a new scholarship titled the Generation Grant starting next year. The details of the scholarship were released on Oct. 11 a month after its proposal by President Kim Sun-uk on Sept. 7. This scholarship is the first among other college scholarships to cover not only the full tuition but also the dormitory and living expenses. Each beneficiary will be granted with 6 million won per year.

 The Generation Grant was named for its special agreement with the school and the scholarship holders. The agreement inscribes that those who gained the grant are encouraged to donate to the school with their own willingness after graduation.

 The qualifications for the beneficiaries have not been decided yet according to the Office of Student Affairs.

 However, once the qualifications are set, about 10 to 20 students will be receiving the scholarship. Also those living in provincial areas will be able to use the school dormitory free or charge.

 Ewha is also planning to expand the Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP), which is a scholarship program that provides talented women from third world countries the opportunity to come and study at Ewh. The EGPP program which started with 24 students in 2006 now provides scholarships to 91 students from 24 countries. The Office of Student Affairs has not laid specific plans for expansion but is scheduled to announce its details soon.

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