What changes would you like to see in the education system?
What changes would you like to see in the education system?
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“I would give more chances to students to experience activities in society”

Park Hyun-ah
(Education, 1)
 As I chose to major in Education at Ewha Womans University, I have a lot of chance to think about Korean education system during classes. In class, we talked about higher education of United States, possibility of equality trough education and specific parts of education. Consequently, I came to think about Korean high school education.

 If I could change the education system, I would give more chances to students to experience activities in society. As a Korean high school student, we had to sit all day and just study Korean, math, and English to enter university. But in fact, when we grow up and are introduced to social life, there are many problems that we did not expect to occur. Therefore many people get confused.

 To avoid this situation, I would like to create a high school internship program in which students go to a company, university, or government office and experience what people really do. While taking part in program, students can contemplate which job would suit them and can learn how to solve the problem while they face up to conflicts. There are only few students who take part in internships now but if Ministry of Education put this policy into practice on a national scale, all high school students would experience an internship.

 For example, there is a student who wants to be a reporter. The teacher would find him an internship with a newspaper company. He would go to the place during vacation or the weekend. At the company, he could watch the reporting of famous people and reporter’s writing articles. In addition, the guide would take him to every department and explain how each works. Lastly, he would have time to write a report by himself. During his experience, he would think about the job. Finally, he could find out his aptitude and study what he actually needed for the job. Conversely, if he wakes from the illusion of the job, he could find other interests.

 For this program, the Ministry of Education should ask every company to make a student guide and curriculum for high school and train school teachers to set a concept of an internship. Also, they should provide an information book about the high school internship so that students would become familiar with this program. The more society became complex, the more students have hard time finding their aptitude and solving diverse problems. I hope all Korean students find their personality, make their dreams come true and become perfect social people from this program if it could be actually practiced.

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