Moon shines over day and night looking for insight
Moon shines over day and night looking for insight
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Hong represents herself as Luna in the Luna Park and delivers us up-to-date happenings in her life through hilarious cartoons arousing sympathy. 
 Luna Park, a Web site ( where Hong In-hye (’04, Psychology) reveals her daily life, welcomes visitors with the message, “Welcome! I’m currently staying in Barcelona!” The cartoon site is highly popular among all age groups, with more than 5,000 visitors per day.

 As a previous copywriter of TBWA Korea, the Korean branch of an international advertising agency, Hong has been managing her own cartoon Web site for almost five years. 

 Although in reality she lives and works as “Hong,” she is more famous online as Luna. Luna, which in Spanish and Italian means moon, represents the very thing that Hong likes most.

 “The moon has numerous characters in it. It is protean, gloomy but beautiful. Lots of musicians and artists, including myself, have been charmed by it,” Hong said. 

 Luna Park, the site Hong has created, shows her past, present and dreams. Posting a daily cartoon, she tries to gain insight of her life irrespective of whether it is bad or good. Luna Park is opened for all people but also is a personal space for Hong.

 “Luna Park is double-sided. Park is cheerful during the day but is dreary during night,” Hong said.
According to Hong, she had a lot of interests in cartoons during her high school days and she was so into it that she even published her own amateur cartoon magazine when she came to Ewha. As time went by, she realized her talent in writing. Spending her mid-twenties as a copywriter, she decided to face the challenge of becoming a web cartoonist. Thus, Luna Park was made.

 Many fans and people have praised and sympathized with Luna’s daily tracks reflected in the cartoons. What she sees, feels, and thinks all reflect our own common daily lives. But Hong says that there is more than that in her cartoon.“The actual topic that I want to talk about and share about is insight to our lives. I think insight is a jewel hidden in the bushes that nobody knows except for me,” Hong said. When she was working for the advertising agency, she once thought that she could search for the meaning of life through creation.  “At that time, I enjoyed creating phrases, showing them to public and observing their response,” Hong said.

 Working like a busy bee, one thought struck her. “What if my spring of creation runs out?” Hong, frustrated and tangled, decided to leave the agency and travel to London, Paris and currently to Barcelona.

 “I wish living abroad myself would make me more mature. Based on my experience, I want to produce better writings and drawings,” Hong said. 

 Still, she is looking for the shining jewel that has been missing in her daily routine. However there is no doubt Hong’s continuous efforts will make her blossom and shine day and night.

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