King College, Tennessee. “I love it.”
King College, Tennessee. “I love it.”
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 I just love it. I love singing birds waking me up every morning. I love my wet feet after walking on the grass and I love looking at friends talking and laughing from my window. Looking at the shiny sky and breathing deeply, I can grab 150-year-old energy from the school buildings all around me. If you stand next to the front gate which is made of sweet red bricks, you can see the infinite green grass. With the gentle breeze and dancing grass, I want to run till I become short-breathed. I feel like I’m embracing the nature entirely, though cars are passing by from time to time. Here, I feel that I’m alive.

 My college is located in a small city, Bristol in Tennessee. In downtown, you can see many antique shops along the road and at night, a big electric sign lightens this narrow street. Houses that you may see in ‘Anne of Green Gables’ are in a row, boasting each of their unique shapes. People give a smile to strangers and say hello gladly.

 King College, where I’ve been for 2 weeks, has about 1,000 students. At the center of the school, there is a huge grass where trees and wooden chairs are waiting. With just one towel, you can lay down and read, write or do whatever you want. While you are enjoying the sunshine and the moving cloud, you can meet all the professors, students and staff in this school.

 There is a student organization SLACK, which stands for Student Life Committee At King. SLACK makes a variety of activities every week and you can easily make friends. Since there are many student athletes, the atmosphere is always active and lively. Most students are friendly to us, Asians and they understand us well. 

 I’m living in a dorm named Parks which is a traditional American college dormitory. I have two roommates. The two bathrooms in the hallway are very clean. The dorm lobby is decorated with velvet which makes me think of Christmas  already.

 There is a service every Wednesday and you can go to church on Sunday if you want. School cafeteria is served as a buffet and there are so many different delicious dishes that I always hover.
 I eat well, sleep well, take classes well and make friends well. I can surely say that I am happy ever than before.

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