Woojuin calls on students to raise proactive voices
Woojuin calls on students to raise proactive voices
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 On Sept. 13, on the steps of the Ewha Campus Complex, students dressed in purple T-shirts celebrated the initiation of Woojuin.

 Woojuin is a Korean abbreviation for “Ewha students as the owner of Ewha,” although the term also means “alien” in Korean. Woojuin is a central management committee, or more precisely, a collaboration of the Student Government Association (SGA), college student councils and the United Committee of Student Clubs.

 The SGA is in charge and instigator of Woojuin, which aims at unifying Ewha students to proactively participate in raising and solving issues at school.

 “Throughout the past semester, the SGA has argued for solidarity in school representatives,” said Shin You-jin (Sculpture, 3), the vice president of SGA. “We held several council meetings with SGA and college student councils so we can unify as one and solve problems in the campus together.”

 The central operation committee of Woojuin created a list of student demands based on surveys conducted among Ewha students.

 The list contains a total of eight issues, including reconsideration of the Paju campus expansion, tuition fee reduction and opening of the tuition fee consideration council, revision of undemocratic school regulations, expansion of space for independent student organizations, introduction of a menstruation absence policy, expansion of scholarships, resolution of air-conditioning and heating issues on campus, and the legalization of a non-regular janitor’s union.

 “Problems at Ewha are not that simple or easy enough for the SGA or an individual Ewha student to solve,” said Sung Ji-hyun (Political Science and International Studies, 4), the joint operations administer. “Ewha students should show our solidarity and solve the problems together.”

 The Woojuin committee has conducted surveys regarding student’s problems, wants and needs around the campus, and organized ballots on whether Woojuin should be continued via each college student council.

 The committee attracts students by promoting its ideas in different ways, such as handing out pamphlets, giving speeches and hanging wall posters. They also organize flash mobs around campus everyday from 12 to 12:30 p.m.

 “We have good feedback from students that Woojuin performances are fun and interesting,” Shin said.
As they gather up 888 students to join the central management committee, they will pass on the list to the school office for resolutions.

 The SGA held a General Assembly on Sept. 27 to discuss what 888 Woojuin participants will be doing afterwards. The committee decided to hold a Woojuin ceremony named, Operation: Woojuin Virus on the grass next to the Main Gate on Oct. 6 with 888 Woojuin participants.

 “I think the SGA is bringing Ewha students close to solve problems on campus,” said Hong Jung-yeon (Special Education, 1). “I expect Woojuin to represent the united school representatives and bring out the best results.”

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