Non Nobis Solum campaign to unit Ewha
Non Nobis Solum campaign to unit Ewha
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The official campaign for the Non Nobis Solum invites the Ewha family to pass on their wisdom and memories of Ewha.
 President Kim Sun-uk initiated the campaign titled Non Nobis Solum which means “Not for ourselves alone” in Latin on Sept. 15. The campaign is carried out with the University Relations & Development, a school body in charge of the school fund. The three main projects of the campaign are to find 180,000 alumnae, meet 10,000 Ewha family members with President Kim and take alumnae on campus tours.

 “We have prepared a platform of communication to share timeless family wisdom. We hope Ewha continues to light the world and teach students to respect each other,” Kim said.

 The first project is to find 180,000 Ewha alumane. Alumnae fill out up-to-date basic profiles on the homepage ( and Ewha sends them the Ewha Family Card, which provide discounts for commercial facilities within Ewha. They can also choose between a Ewha alumnae diary and the Ewha phone strap.

 President Kim also plans to meet a total of 10,000 Ewha family members. The first meeting took place on Oct.1 where the president and alumnae watched a music concert at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. As of now there are four planned events: a fall excursion to the Ewha Campus Complex on Oct. 27, a movie night at Art House Momo on Nov. 19, a Christmas chapel on Dec.1 and finally a visit to an art exhibit in early December. More meetings will be arranged throughout the semester.

 For the third event, alumnae can request for campus tours, which will be led by the Ewha Campus Leaders. Those who wish to visit the campus with a docent should sign up on the homepage from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 For more information on the Non Nobis Solum project, call University Relations and Development (02)3277-6829 or e-mail

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