On-campus construction begins
On-campus construction begins
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Ewha began building the Science Building D and the International House on July 1 to accommodate students’ classroom and dormitory needs. Both will be completed by 2012.At the groundbreaking ceremony on June 16 at the science building site, the former president of Ewha Lee Bae-yong explained both projects’ significance. 
“Science technology and professional knowledge are key engines to lead the global society of the 21st century,” Lee said. “The Science Building D will be a mecca for women scientists for future science studies, and in the same context, the International House will be a welcoming home for international students and scholars visiting Ewha.”
Located between Science Buildings A and B, the new science building D will have seven floors and passages connecting to Science Buildings B and C. The building provides state-of-the-art research facilities, laboratories, professors’ offices and lecture rooms for the College of Natural Sciences.
A classroom shortage has previously forced the college to hold some classes in the Ewha-Posco Building.
The builder will use a non-vibration construction method for Science Building D only to minimize noise.
The International House will be built in the campus’ Global Zone, which includes the Ewha-Samsung International House and the International Education Building. The 11 floor-International House including one basement floor will provide 75 rooms for 149 transfer students.

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