Students get access to course evaluation results
Students get access to course evaluation results
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For the first time, students can see how their peers evaluated professors and their classes that they are thinking about taking. Since July 28, Ewha has publicized course evaluation data through the Ewha Portal Information System ( All students with access to the system can use the data, which will remain available until Sept. 9 at 5 p.m., the last day to make final schedule changes for the fall semester.
“Students’ consistent and active participation in course evaluations played big roles in revealing the evaluation results,” said Chung Ye-sun, a staff member at the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs.
The Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs uploaded all course evaluations from the 2010 spring and 2009 fall semesters. Students can check them by entering: my intranet - courses - course evaluation.
The evaluation data covers only courses at Ewha, as students aren’t able to evaluate courses taken under the credit exchange system at other universities.
The data include the course’s average score on a scale of one to five, the rate at which students participated in the evaluation and the average score by the top 75 percent of students in the class. The average assessment score indicates the relevance of the syllabus to the course, whether learning materials were helpful, the professor’s teaching style, the appropriateness of homework, the fairness of grading, whether students learned from the course and whether students recommend the course to others.
“The revealed scores can be an index for students, but written comments of students who took the course before would be more helpful in course selection,” Cho Ha-na (German, 3) said.
The Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs is examining whether to open written comments and when to do so.
“We are aware of some inappropriate written comments, which can bring more confusion to students due to the nature of the evaluation system - anonymity,” Chung added.
Students will be able to access course evaluation results during the course registration period every semester.
“The office expects to improve the current system by accepting diverse opinions and comments,” Chung said.

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