For a better life in university
For a better life in university
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University is a place that could be filled with memories and happiness for someone but could be a place that is filled with loneliness and regret. Before I started my life in Ewha, I worried that I would spend my 4 years in loneliness. Thankfully, I already have wonderful memories and everyday is filled with happiness. However, there are many freshmen who are not get used to the university life. This is a serious problem.
In order to solve this problem, the school should establish a new seminar system for the first year students, and the Student Government Association (SGA) must work together to make new events that will give a sense of belonging to every student. If these two things work, Ewha will be filled with students smiling and enjoying the most precious time of their lives.
Firstly, the school should make a new seminar system. The current first year seminar is not very effective. The main reason why the first year seminar exists, is to help the freshman get used to the school easily. However, it’s not working. Many freshmen consider the seminar only as a waste of time. There needs to be changes so the freshman can earn friendship and useful knowledge about the school. If this works, the number of students who feel lonely will decrease.
Adding on, the SGA must work hard to organize events that unite all the Ewha students, like creating cheering songs or something that only Ewha students can do. The sense of privilege that these event give, will increase belongingness. The main ingredients that the school council needs to make this happen are: passion and interest.
To sum up, I hope that all the Ewha students can enjoy their university lives as I really do. Many elderly recall their 4 years of university life as the most vivid, precious and passionate time of their lives. We should enjoy every moment of our university lives. So in the far future, we can recall blissful memories of our four years at Ewha. Not only there are factors that the school and the SGA needs to do, but also students needs to be passionate about school events and participate actively.
School for someone can be a paradise where they can extend their knowledge and interact with various people. On the other hand, for someone school can be an inevitable place to be. It means the meaning of life on campus depends on four individuals. Whether enjoying 4 years with the prestigious professors and brilliant friends on or wasting their time without making any accomplishment socially and psychologically. I hope Ewha students earn a lot from school and always dream about their glorious future.

Kim Ga-ram (consumer science,1 )

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