Renowned cultural events to be spotlighted in Seoul: International Book Fair & World Conference on Arts Education
Renowned cultural events to be spotlighted in Seoul: International Book Fair & World Conference on Arts Education
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Robert & Michele Root-Bernstein (USA), the author of Spark of Genious : The 13 Thinking Tools of the World's Most Creative Peaple, are the keynote speakers for the event.
The Seoul International Book Fair 2010 and The 2nd World Conference on Arts Education are definitely events of the year worth visiting. Over 2,000 people, including national authorities, local governments, teachers, artists, researchers, associations and NGOs, will be participating in these two renowned events, both to be held at COEX throughout May.
The Seoul International Book Fair 2010 will be held from May 12 to 16. The annual event is the biggest book fair in Korea, held by the Korean Publishers Association.
“This event is a great opportunity for domestic publishing companies to introduce themselves,” said Kwon Yoo-sun, the press agent of the Korean Publishers Association.
The guest country for this year is France; they will be organizing various events and inviting renowned French authors like Bernard Werber, the author of The Empire of the Ants, and Marc Levy the author of Just Like Heaven and Mes Amis Mes Amours. France is in charge of hosting other events such as French Publication Forum, French book exhibition and cultural events.
Also, autographs and picture takings, lectures, public readings, and many more events are prepared for visitors as well as a special exhibition of picture books and bestsellers on diverse topics. In addition, works of international and domestic book artists will be displayed, which make up a two-hour tour around the entire exhibition hall. The entrance fee for the book fair is 3,000 won for university students.
The 2nd World Conference on Arts Education will take place at the same location from May 25 to 28. The conference will be hosted by UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
Korea’s place as host of this grandiose arts event is a product of a nationwide effort. The decision to hold the conference in Korea was passed unanimously by the 34th UNESCO general assembly based on for the need to recognize global expansion of creativity in education through culture and art. Yu In-Chon, the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, defined the aim of the conference as “promoting and to reinforcing the value of quality arts education for all, in developing a capacity for creativity in the 21st century for all generation,” through the ministry’s official Web site. The title for this year’s conference is “Arts for Society, Education for Creativity” and discussions on the theme will be held during the conference with over 2,000 experts and college students.

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