University Culture Festival
University Culture Festival
  • Kim Tae-rim
  • 승인 2010.05.04 11:16
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Universities to spread culture through subway

Hewa, a club from Ewha that promotes abstinence from alchol, was selected to participate in this year's festival. They will be opening a photo exhibition at the Sports Complex Station.
Seoul Metro is opening its 3rd University Culture Festival, which will proceed from May 10 to 31. Twenty eight teams from various universities in the Seoul Metropolitan area will be set to give an array of performances in the subway. The college students will perform throughout Subway Lines 1 to 4, performing at stations in which their universities are located near. Seven teams are to post exhibitions, while the other 27 teams are to put on performances. The selected teams are to prepare creative shows that vary from dancing and singing to performing instrumental music.

According to an officer of the Seoul Metro public relations department, at the end of all activities and performances, they will select five winning teams based on their creativity and feedback from the audience. The winning team will receive a grand prize of three million won whereas the second place and third place will get two million won and one million won each. The remaining 25 teams will receive 300,000 won each for their participation.

The timetable of each team’s performances is posted at the Seoul Metro Web site ( or the blog (

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