Wigs donated to cancer patients
Wigs donated to cancer patients
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Kim Kwang-kyu, president of Park Jun Hair Tech Company, and Suh Hyun-suk, president of the EUMC, shake hands at a wig donation signing ceremony.
Ewha Womans University Medical Center (EUMC) and Park Jun Hair Tech Company, Ltd, which is a professional handmade wig company, decided to donate handmade wigs to the female patients at EUMC. Their decision was officially made through a ceremony held on March 23 at the medical center.



For the next five years, starting from this May, Park Jun Hair Tech Company, Ltd will donate two wigs every month to female cancer patients at EUMC who are living in financially harsh conditions.



This idea was brought up by Kim Kwang-kyu, the president of the wig company, after receiving warm-hearted service from EUMC.



“Last year, I had a serious car accident and was sent to EUMC. During my recovery, doctors and nurses were so kind to me,” said Kim. “After I heard the news that the center opened its first Lady Ward, a cancer center primarily designed for women, I decided to donate handmade wigs for the female cancer patients.”



Besides his own experience, the concept of social responsibility of corporations also induced him to the action. “By the donation, I hope to see the female patients feel happy and confident with the wig,” said Kim.



EUMC, currently providing cancer patients with partial financial support in medical care and holding music concerts and lecture courses for female cancer patients, welcomed the decision.



“We thank the company whole-heartedly and plan to make good use of the donated wigs by choosing appropriate cancer patients who are in great needs of the wigs,” said Suh Hyun-suk, the president of EUMC.



Park Jun Hair Tech Company, Ltd plans to expand its wig donation for the cancer patients at EUMC if more medical centers are established at other locations in the future.

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