Mapping career becomes easier
Mapping career becomes easier
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             Since the fall semester of 2009, the Ewha Career Development Center (CDC) has helped students set an organized career plan through the Ewha Career Renaissance Program. This semester, the program is offered again with a lower threshold and less strict qualification requirements.


             Previously, a certification for completing the program had been granted only to those who participated in at least two programs from the three fields, which were raising basic working skills, actual working capability and leadership. This year, the division of the fields has been eliminated. But rather students can choose to take career developing courses that are registered as regular classes or take special programs offered by the CDC which are held during the semester and vacations.


 “Now students, who have a GPA over 3.0, can get the certificate by taking more than three subjects or who participated in more than six special programs,” said Kang Jeeny, a staff member of the CDC.


             Also, students can take a combination of subjects and special programs, which is offered in two forms; two subjects and two programs or one subject and four programs are qualified for certification.


             At the end of the program a certification of completion is given by the director of the CDC, and students receive a priority for internship or employment recommendation, and a chance for one-on-one career coaching with personnel managers of major companies.

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