Money exchanges restricted on
Money exchanges restricted on
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             A month has passed since the online community of Ewha students,, strengthened its regulation prohibiting any postings related to money exchanges for activities that violate school rules, such as paying for attendance in courses or chapel seats and exchanging lockers. Postings for the barter or sale of used items unrelated to school regulations are still allowed. This measure was initially announced by Ewhaian on March 4 due to the rising number of students violating the user agreement.

              Students who make postings offering money exchanges for ECC lockers will now be punished by the school for violating school regulations, according to the announcement made by the Ewhaian staff on the site. Other postings that violate the user agreement of Ewhaian since it was created in 2001, but Ewhaian has long been the most popular online community for students who are willing to hand over lockers or chapel seats in exchange for money.

              Opinions regarding the strengthened regulation vary among students.

               "I agree with the prohibition on money exchanges through Ewhaian. If there is no restriction toward such activities, the community will be filled with comercial postings," said Ju Hyun-ah (Consumer Studies, 4).

               Others raised objections against the belated warning.

               "I strongly diagree with the regulation. Ewhaian is used by all Ewha students who have their personal needs. If they ban students from exchanging what they need, I don't see the point in the existence of Ewhaian," said Park Jeong-mi (Fashion Design, 4). "I think the prohibition will only reduce ad not get rid of all exchanges."

                Park also said that she has previously posted a message herself, saying she would pay a certain amount of money in exchange for new chapel seats.

                "Because Ewhaian is a Web site that mainly exists to help students interact with each other and solve urgent problems voiced by students, it is important to let students carry out their money deals on the site."

                The strengthening of the Ewhaian regulation also has led some students to look for other ways to make exchanges.

                "Students can arrange to exchange money on other online Web sites or communities. So, I think this regulation of Ewhaian is not only unrealistic, but also ineffective," said Lim Ji-yoon (Politics,3). "Also, I don't think that the school should regulate money deals for ECC lockers when they leave students with no choice because of the limited number of lockers."

                 The Ewhaian staff has not made any official comments about its announcement.                      

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