2-wha lecture broadens students’ perspectives
2-wha lecture broadens students’ perspectives
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The Division of Architecture has opened the second year of the  2-Wha Lecture Series program, a special lecture series that runs throughout the spring and fall semester for all Ewha students regardless of major.




Collaborating different areas of studies is the key point of the lectures, and the importance of acquiring knowledge on subjects that are not directly associated with Architecture, such as Psychology and Communication skills, is emphasized throughout the course.




“We hope students would experience different kinds of studies other than mechanic studies like Liberal Arts or Designs and apply them in designing buildings,” said Professor Kang Mi-seon (Architecture). “These kinds of approaches are needed since Architecture is a science that reflects people’s thoughts,” said Kang.




The upcoming six lectures will cover diverse genres ranging from 3D design to social culture. The lectures are scheduled to be held on second Tuesdays of the month as its name implies; 2 stands for the second week while wha was taken from the Korean word whayoil which in English means Tuesday.




The concept of the lecture series was first suggested by Professor Choe Jae-chun (Life Science), who is well known as a pioneer in collaborating Science and Biology in interpreting social behaviors.




The remaining five lectures will be carried out by both professors  from Ewha and representatives of three companies, +Plastic, NHN-Naver andDaumFSTCenter . The second lecture will be held on April 13 under the title, “3D in Design” at the Asan Hall inAsanEngineeringBuilding .




Students who wish to take the 2-Wha lectures from other majors coan just visit the location on the exact date mentioned in the table below.




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