A scene from the movie Aquamarine
A scene from the movie Aquamarine
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Aquamarine is an American-Australian co-production film. It deals with two teenage friends who embark on an adventure to help a mermaid find love.
Aquamarine: Look at my finger scales. They’ve never been this color before. They change color with my mood. But I don’t know what mood this is.

Hailey: Okay, start reading. We have a lot to cover before we go to the Street Fair.

Aquamarine: Urgh! How do you remember all this? You have to be flirty, but demure. Devoted but not desperate. Available but elusive? And if he calls Wednesday for Saturday, you have to be busy, even though you’re free? It’s so annoying. Yet strangely addictive.

Hailey: I think she’s on the brink of a boy data overload.

*demure: If you describe someone as demure, you mean they are quiet and shy.

*elusive: If something or someone is elusive, it is difficult to find or remember.

*on the brink of: extremely close to
example) The two countries are on the brink of war.

*overload: If you overload something, you put more things into it than it was designed to carry.


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