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Doctor Lee Hyo-sook (’74, Chemistry) is the first female scientist to be assigned as the Vice President for the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) in the history of Daedoek Innopolis, cluster of research institutes in Daejeon.
Since joining KIGAM in 1976, Lee’s outstanding achievements have continued to inspire both male and female scientists nationwide. In 2004, she was awarded the Women Scientist of the Year Award, by the National Research Foundation of Korea and registered in the Marquis Who’s Who, a biography database that has listed the achievements and contributions of carefully selected individuals since 1899. Lee also serves as the president of Women in Science Engineering and Technology in Korea, an institution that supports female scientists.
Lee has spoken of the hardships she had to endure, which include balancing child nurturing, housekeeping and work. 30 years ago, Lee applied for a study abroad program in France and she was disqualified only because she was “a woman with a household to run.”
Lee says female workforce is valued highly as females are more precise and meticulous. But Lee hopes to see more assertive women leaders. “Many women struggle to solve everything on their own, but a good leader should know how to efficiently distribute the work as well.”
Recalling her days at Ewha, Lee advises Ewha students to take everything you can while at Ewha.
“Things I learned from being a class representative such as responsibility and respect became useful after I entered the real-life society. Also, the connections I built while attending Ewha came as a great merit and they are useful even nowadays.”

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