Law majors weigh in on course offerings
Law majors weigh in on course offerings
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        The College of Law conducted an online survey of its students from March 29 to April 2 to determine the number and types of law courses to offer for the 2010 fall semester. This is the first official survey in the university’s history to affect curriculum. 
        The decrease in the number of undergraduate law courses, mainly due to the opening of Law school in 2009 and no entrance of freshmen since that time, has frustrated students. For the 2008 spring semester, when all freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors were in the College of Law, students selected from 55 major courses. However, the number of major courses fell to 43 and 33 for the spring semesters of 2009 and 2010 respectively. Students of the College of Law must earn 81 credits to graduate. With fewer law classes being offered, that number is getting more difficult to reach. 
        To address this, the College of Law decided on the survey after a meeting in February among professors, faculty members and the student council of the College of Law. A total of 174 students, both attending and taking a leave of absence this semester and planning to enroll next semester, participated in the survey.
The number of students who participated in the survey was low considering the total number of students in the college, according to the administrative office of the College of Law. The survey asked students to choose a maximum of seven classes they wish to take for this year’s fall semester.
        “A survey to illustrate the demands of students was urgent because they have the right to enroll in the classes they want,” said Kim Hyun-jin (Law, 3), a student representative of the College of Law.
        Cho Hee-young (Law, 3), another student representative of the college, said the student council wanted to set 2008 as the standard year because many juniors and seniors want to retake freshmen or sophomore classes.
“2008 was the last year when all freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors were in the College of Law, and at that time there were more classes compared to last year or this year,” said Cho.
        Some believe the survey was the best way to solve problems related to the shortage of major courses.
“It is great that the student council and school are taking measures to solve this issue. I think it should have been done before the problem raised countless complaints from students over the past few years,” said Chong Hye-in (Law, 3).
        Some students had other suggestions to solve the problem.
        “Those who come back to school after taking a term off cannot graduate since they fail to take the required courses. Opening required courses twice a year for two consecutive semesters could be a solution,” said Kim Na-re (Law, 3).
        Although the number of law courses to be open next semester has not been determined, the college hopes to find equilibrium among the number of students, the survey results and professors’ discretion.
        “Professors in the College of Law also believe that there should be no disadvantages for students, and the survey will definitely have an influence,” said Professor Chong Hyun-mi, the dean of the College of Law.

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