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Professor Lee Kong-ju-bock (Physics), the director general of the National Institute for Supporting Women in Science and Technology (NIS WIST) since 2007, has been noted as a great supporter for women engaged in the field of science and technology. 

 NIS WIST is an institute that focuses on education, research, management of information, individuals as well as group networks to fully support women in the science arena. With the support of the government, the institute was established in 2004 at the Ewha-Samsung EducationCultureBuilding . Four other secondary institutes are established in Gwangju, Busan, Daejeon, and Daegu for national support.

For the past six years, the institute has created new professional occupations for women studying in the science area such as science communicator and lab manager. More than 1,000 woman science communicators have even entered society, working in the field of science experiments and science writing. NIS WIST has also gathered the first statistics for woman efforts in the science area, contributing to the improvement in evaluating current condition of women engaged in the science field.

As a woman engaged in the science world herself, Lee showed enthusiasm in the training for women showing professionalism in the science area in the future.

“Korea has one of the lowest percentage of women engaged in science and technology among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries,” said Lee. “Considering the reality, NIS WIST will continue to become a supporter for women in the science area by innovating organizations for women’s active participation, creating new occupations, suggesting policies that can enhance women participation in these fields and providing various education programs in leadership as well as career development.”

For further information about NIS WIST, go to

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