Upper limit of overdue fees set by the Library
Upper limit of overdue fees set by the Library
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The Ewha library has set an upper limit on the fees imposed on overdue books, beginning  March 2. This new system applies to every library in Ewha, including the law, theological, music, and medical libraries.
“We hope to reduce the burden on students who have not returned books for a long time and induce them to return books quickly,” said Kim Young-jae, the manager in Interlibrary Loan of the Centennial Library.
The upper limit set for late books is 30,000 won per book. Students who exceed the ceiling price are limited in entering the library and using the studying rooms in the Centennial Library and the ECC. Also, borrowing books in libraries are restricted until the fee has been fully paid.
For alumnae, if there is an overdue fee that has not been paid or unreturned books, there will be a restriction in the use of borrowing books or using seats in the reading room.
Previously, 100 won was charged everyday for overdue books and restrictions on extending the due date or book reservation. The restriction on the usage of reading rooms or entering the libraries has been set this year for students who cannot manage to pay the fee. “I think the new system of having the overdue fee set to 30,000 is a bad idea. Although it may reduce the students’ burden, it may not be good for the circulation of books,” said Park Eun-Jung (Politics and Diplomacy, 2). “Students may turn in books late as they would only have to pay 30,000 won eventually.”

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