Re-election for 42nd SGA to be held
Re-election for 42nd SGA to be held
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       The election for the 42nd Student Government Association (SGA) of Ewha will take place on March 30 and 31 with two candidate parties - Real Ewha and Peara Ewha. This is a re-election, after the election boycott in November 2009.
       Real Ewha consists of Jung Yoon-ji (Law, 4) as its presidential candidate and Shin You-jin (Sculpture, 3) as its vice-presidential candidate. Their pledges include enhancing Ewha’s welfare by allowing students to pay tuition with credit cards, establishing rental houses around school for students and issuing the U-card, a membership card that gives students various advantages from commercial facilities in Seoul.
      Most of all, Real Ewha plans to participate in social affairs along with civic groups, activate communication with the students by issuing SGA magazines and altering the SGA office door to a transparent glass door.
      “We will try to become a real student government that realizes the dreams and possibilities of Ewha students,” said Jung.
      Peara Ewha consists of Cho Seong-sil (Political Science, 4) as its presidential candidate and Kim Da-ae (Korean Education, 4) as its vice-presidential candidate. “Pear,” in “Peara Ewha,” symbolizes the students as the school name Ewha is the pear blossoms in Korean. Peara is an imperative sentence which means, “blossom out.”
      They propose to ensure a transparent management of the SGA fund by posting a weekly update of their bank statement through their Web site, supporting the down payment for students living in low interest rate rental rooms and creating mobile ID cards with benefits such as discounts and point accumulation. They will also argue for tuition payment through credit cards and the installment of an early class registration system.
      “We felt a great responsibility, especially after talking to various students and finally decided to rerun for this election. We want to become a student government that makes genuine connections with students,” said Cho.
Resolving last year’s low participation in the election is a central issue for the Election Management Committee (EMC).
      “I earnestly request students to show great interest and participation. It is the Ewha students themselves who play a pivotal role in the election,” said Kang Chi-young (English, 3), the campaign chairperson from the EMC.
       The official campaign is from March 17 to 29. A public hearing on the candidate’s policies takes place on March 25. Voting takes place from March 30 to 31.

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