Ewha Archives greets freshmen with exhibition program
Ewha Archives greets freshmen with exhibition program
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Ewha Archives has been carrying out an exhibition program for freshmen since the spring semester of 2008. The program is associated with the Freshmen Seminar classes and aims to introduce Ewha’s history to the new members. Approximately 400 freshmen participated in the program in 2008 and approximately 800 freshmen, nearly twofold the past year, participated last year because of many students and professors’ interest. This spring semester, the exhibition continues. Considering the fact that the Freshmen Seminar classes begin at five o’clock, Ewha Archives has elongated its open hours to six o’clock for further student participation.


Students participating in the exhibition program have a tour around the Ewha Archives for approximately one hour with the assistance of a researcher. Students hear stories about Ewha’s history from 1886 when Ewha was first established as they look around the pictures displayed in periodic order. The pictures show the buildings, students and events at Ewha. After the exhibition tour, students will see a 21-minute video that shows pictures that are not exhibited in the Ewha Archives due to spatial problems. The pictures of the video also show Ewha’s history from its establishment in the 1880s to today.




The exhibition of Ewha Archives and learning about Ewha’s history is now a memorable experience to the students who have already participated in the program.




“I did not expect a long history of Ewha when I first entered the school but after the exhibition program, I learned how long the tradition of Ewha was and felt proud of Ewha,” said Yee Soo-young (English Literature, 2). “After the exhibition tour, I also remember writing my name on a notebook prepared for students who enter the Ewha Archives. I thought how touching it will be when I see my written name after 10 years,” said Yee. The notebook is always there for students who visit the Ewha Archives and students can write their names for a memorable moment.




To freshmen, the exhibition program will be the first step in learning about Ewha’s history.




“As a freshman, I expect to gain pride as a member of Ewha through looking around the Ewha Archives and learning about Ewha’s history and tradition. In that way I will be able to know more about the school I will attend for the next four years,” said Bae Yoon-jeong (Liberal Arts, 1)




Students must participate in the exhibition program at their Freshmen Seminar class when their professor signs up for the program. In order to participate in the exhibition program, professors who are in charge of Freshmen Seminar classes have to fill out an application form from (http://home.ewha.ac.kr/~archives/) and send it to archives@ewha.ac.kr via email. Professors may choose any day in March or April unless the day is already full of four Freshmen Seminar teams willing to participate in the exhibition program.




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