Alumnae mentoring program
Alumnae mentoring program
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      The Ewha Student Counseling Center (ESCC) has launched an Ewha alumnae mentoring program. Mentors from seven different areas of expertise – journalists, administrators, law/patent-related professions, writers, advertising/public relations, and finance experts/accountants—are to guide mentees to better understand these areas. The ESCC has sponsored a mentoring program, Dauri, for four years with seniors and freshmen. However, this is the first mentoring program conducted with Ewha alumnae.

      Having recruited mentors and mentees, the center will help students form networks and close relationships with alumnae who are working in fields that mentees desire to pursue.


      “Students visit the ESCC because they are depressed at finding jobs or lonely by not having strong personal relationships,” said Kim Yoo-hwan, the dean of the Office of Student Affairs.



      Unlike Dauri, the alumnae mentoring program is a year long program. The ESCC plans to set up two to three mentoring sessions per semester. Each group will consist of one mentor and four to five mentees. Students from all academic years can apply.


At subsequent meetings, the mentees will have the opportunity to have discussions, interview the mentors and visit the workplace to experience the unique culture of each profession. Each meeting will last at least two hours.

After the semester is over, mentees will write a report on the group meetings.

“We will keep providing psychological services for the mentees to maximize their ability to form relationships and develop their future careers,” said Kim.



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