Use what you learned to help others
Use what you learned to help others
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  At the beginning of this semester, the Office of Public Relations (OPR) organized a Major-related Public Service Program, a volunteer activity program which enables students to apply their major studies to volunteer work.  “We wanted to promote the university's public service by making good use of students' knowledge acquired from their studies,” said Lee Mi-yang, a staff member of the OPR.
  Three teams were selected as project teams: Acupuncture & Health-education Service team, Sports Club for Disabled Youth team, and the Raphael Clinic Medical Service & 3640 Earth Rotaract team. 

  Acupuncture & Health-education Service team

  The team visits welfare centers for the elderly on the last Saturday of every month. The team, comprised of 32 students from the nursing department, conducts acupuncture service for the elderly and help them modify common medical superstitions. 
  "We have weekly study sessions regarding acupuncture and practical medical knowledge," said Jeon Ji-eun (Nursing, 2). "This summer, we went to Toechon-myeon in Gyeong-gi province for three days. It wasn't easy but worthwhile," said Jeon.

  Sports Club for Disabled Youth team

  The team consists of 13 students from the Department of Health Education and Management. Under the assistance of Professor Jeoung Bok-ja (Health Education), the team helps disabled children experience partnership and sportsmanship every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Physical Education Building B, Gibson Hall. Students help the children by applying the knowledge gained from "Exceptional Physical Education" course on how to organize sport programs while taking disabled youth's characteristics into consideration.
  “Participating in this volunteer offers chances to help and broaden understandings of the subject through actual experiences,” said Park Bo-ra (Health Education,3). 

  Raphael Clinic Medical Service & 3640 Earth Rotaract team

  The team visits Dongsung Highschool's auditorium on SUndays, and offers medical services to foreign workers. The team first started in 1997 with the Catholic Student Government Association at Seoul National University for immigrant workers. Korea University students joined thereafter and 17 Ewha students from the College of Pharmacy are now working as volunteers.
   “Every Sunday, we provide pharmaceutical aids by giving out drugs and writing prescriptions," said Min So-young (Pharmacy, 3). Also as a member of Mugunghwa Rotaract, a worldwide community service organization, the team helps foreign workers in Korea and patients abroad.  

  "The program has gone smoothly," said Lee. "Volunteer activities connected with participants' majors add diversity to the activities. They promote people to return their knowledge to society. I believe this 'Major-Related Public Service' program helps students to upgrade their potential to become woman leaders."

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