Ewhain.net is there for graduates and students
Ewhain.net is there for graduates and students
  • Son Min-ji
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   Ewhain.net, the alumnae Web site launched in 2002 to commemorate Ewha’s 116th anniversary, is undergoing an upgrade to win users among Ewha students. The site, run by the Office of University Relations and Development (OURD) started off as a bridge between the school, graduates as well as current Ewha students. Recently, the site has added practicap benefits that all Ewhains can enjoy but which they are mostly unaware of.  
   For example, Ewhain.net provides the counseling section. There are three divisions: health clinic, career mentoring as well as life counseling. Within the division of clinic section, there are four related sub-categories: heart disease, cancer, otolaryn gology, and skin problems. One doctor for each sub-category is responsible for answering inquiries. All four doctors are related to Ewha as a graduate, a husband of graduate, as well as a professor at the Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital.
   The second section is career counseling. Currently, Kim Bok-kyung (’91, Law) who is the CEO of Genicom, a firm organizing international meetings, gives people tips and advices such as how to become a consultant, holding and arranging international meetings.
   The third section is labeled as ‘Life’, and there are five sub-categories; personal life conflicts, domestic law, life law, consumer conflicts and wedding. All sub-categories under the ‘Life’ section are run by graduates. The most famous sub-category is dealing with personal life conflicts which is run by Choi Yoon-hee (’69, Korean), a famous freelance speaker. Students have told her about their personal worries such as relationships with their boyfriends and their future plans. One student currently has asked Choi to give advice to her future path whether to enter the law school although she works at a company these days. Choi’s answer to that question was that preparing the law school while working at the same time is not a professional choice. However, if there is a certain economic reason, then it depends on situation. Also she added that setting a clear goal and making all efforts is important.
   “Sub-category dealing with personal life conflicts was not included when the ‘Life’ section was first organized since we preferred more professional advices such as health counseling as well as law consulting,” said Park Ji-young, a staff member working in the Office of University Relations and Development. “However, students can get the most practical tips for their lives from this board.”
   In addition, students and graduates could also apply for free tickets of some events offered by the Ewhain.net these days. In the past, the Office of University Relations and Development offered discounts when there were some commercial performances held at the school.
    Currently, there have been three major events from August to September. The Ewhain.net provided free tickets of musical Pinocchio, M Super Concert and the movie The Pleasure of Your Company. 10 Musical tickets were distributed to five people, two each, and 500 people received M Super Concert tickets. Also 100 people got free movie tickets.
   “Nowadays, the school tries to give and attract as many chances as possible to benefit students and graduates,” said Park. “The main reason that many students applied was because the Office of University Relations and Development sent e-mails to Ewha students unlike the past.”
   Furthermore, the Ewhain.net provides articles about famous Ewha graduates and their works published by the major media.
   “Ewhain.net is expected to work as a good mediator between graduates and current students,” said Park.

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