Career development program for education majors oepns
Career development program for education majors oepns
  • Son Min-ji
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    The College of Education started the career development program for education majors beginning this September 22. The program is established to provide broadened view on job opportunities especially for education majoring students.
    The motive of the program, according to the Career Development Committee in the College of Education is to encourage students to prepare well for their future careers by setting a clear vision and goal with the help of this program. Also it is to help students diversify their paths drawing their potentials.
    Three types of seminars are included in the program.
    1. ‘Applying for Teaching Profession’ Seminar
The first seminar titled ‘Applying for Teaching Profession’ includes three lectures on the state-administered teacher appointment examination and working at private schools. On October 10, 17, and 24, preparation classes such as lectures on solving and explaining sample test questions of educational studies for the appointment examination are provided for all students in the college. Also there will be lectures offered by each department, and the dates and places will be announced afterwards on the departments’ websites.
    2. ‘Developing professional literacy’ Seminar
The second type of seminar includes 6 different lectures on practical personal skills as professionals working in various fields other than education. The whole seminar program started on September 22 and will end on November 26. The lectures are usually given by many successful professionals from various fields.
The first lecture on September 22 was given by Chae Eun-mee, the president of Fedex Korea under the topic of discovering and designing the vision of personnel. Students learned ways to set a long-term career goal and understand the core of leadership.
    The next lecture on October 7 will cover the ways to enhance one’s communication skills, especially in this age of globalization. Paek Ji-yeon, an announcer of MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) and the president of PJY Speech Korea today, will lecture on tips for job interviews and public speech. 
    The third lecture scheduled on October 13 which will be given by Yang Eun-ha, a student at Ewha’s graduate school majoring in educational technology, on the  topics such as “Work life balance as women.” Yang also plans to explain the importance of entering a graduate school to the participants. The fourth one, on November 4, will cover business manner when people write e-mails and call by phone. The fifth, on November 12, and the last lecture, on November 26, will cover the theme of personal branding which emphasizes the increase of one’s value.
    3. ‘Career Development rather than Teaching Profession Seminar’
The third type of seminar is entitled as “Career Development rather than Teaching Profession.” This seminar will be divided into two sessions including 6 lectures all together. The first session will start on October 29. After Kim Han-joon, who works at the Korea Employment Information Service, gives lecture on the career world, students will take the lecture on the ways to enter international organizations and the various works of international organizations. Also an Ewha graduate who is currently working in the Office for Government Policy Coordination will be invited to give a lecture on the preparation process of public administrative examination.
    The second session is on November 17. This session will provide information on how to become an expert in human resource development at a consulting firm and employee education at companies.
    “Consulting work, especially in the field of human resource development, is what education majors do well since their teaching abilities and analysis skills acquired from education studies help them stand out,” said Professor Jo Il-hyun (Educational Technology) who organized the second session.
    Park Kyung-mi, the president of Hewitt Associates and Kim Sung-bae, the president of Logicom Korea will be invited to give lectures, and Kim Min-kyung (’00, Educational Technology), who is currently working at IBM will give students some know-how about employment application for international companies and consulting firms.
 Students who attend at least 5 lectures in these three sections will receive certificate certified by the dean of College of Education.
     “The educational goal of the College of Education is not all about becoming a teacher, but the purpose of it also relies on nurturing education experts as well. The program will help students to broaden their possibilities and learn necessary skills which professionals in various fields need to have,” said Jo.

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