Career Renaissance Program for all grades opens
Career Renaissance Program for all grades opens
  • Jun So-min
  • 승인 2009.09.03 13:00
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      The Ewha Career Development Center (ECDC) is opening the Ewha Career Renaissance Program (ECRP) beginning this fall semester. The program gives certifications to students who fulfill requirements of the ECDC sets. It is designed to prepare students for work in the corporate world. Unlike previous ECDC programs, which were oriented only toward senior students preparing for jobs, the new career program aims to provide progressive career training for all students, from freshmen to seniors.



       In order to get the certification, students must maintain a grade point average (GPA) above 3.0 and complete two courses (or one course carrying college credit) from each of the three areas: foundational job skills, practical working skills, and leadership skills.



1.      Awareness



The first step of the program is labeled “Awareness,” and is recommended for freshmen who are looking for a clear career interest. The program includes aptitude tests such as the MBTI and STRONG, a Career Assistance Program (CAP) camp, a college career seminar, the Leadership Workshop course, and the Global Leadership and Career Development course.



The CAP camp is a program directed toward freshmen and sophomores. It focuses on specific techniques required for establishing successful careers. These techniques include methods of writing resumes and personal statements as well as interview techniques.



In the leadership area of this stage, there are two courses that are given as regular school courses. Leadership Workshop is an introductory course in the Ewha Leadership Certification Program, training the students in leadership skills and abilities for their careers. This course is open to freshmen and sophomores with a minimum GPA of 3.0.



2.      Experience



“Experience” is the program’s second step, recommended for sophomore and junior students. Lectures on communication skills, Chinese characters, job interviews, a Career Club, an International Internship course, a Career Workshop, the Leadership Workshop course, the Job Master Academy Seminar and the Self-leadership Workshop are provided at this stage.



The Job Master Academy Seminar is a program which invites professionals from different fields as guest speakers to introduce their jobs and give detailed information on their careers. Students can get certification by participating in the seminar twice.



3.      Execution



In the final step, “Execution,” programs that are necessary for senior students, such as internships and mentoring programs, are given. The programs are Ewha-Samsung ESSENCE, Ewha-LG Electronics Right People Camp (RPC), an Employment Mentoring course, the Career Experience Program, Internship and courses, the Ewha-LG Innotek Internship, the Ewha-GE Leadership Challenge, the Women Circulation Expert Course, Job Master Academy Camp, and the Ewha Business School Leadership Workshop.



The Women Circulation Expert course, offered in collaboration with Hyundai IPark Mall, trains service employees. Job Screen Training offers a job trial aptitude test and consulting sessions. Students have to complete the test and consulting sessions in order to be certified.



The Ewha Business School Leadership Workshop is a leadership simulation program camp, which educates seniors majoring in business on practical things related to the field such as case studies.



The ECRP provides students with a number of advantages. Certified students are given a certification from the Dean of the ECDC and the first chance to be selected for recommendation for job positions or internships. Also, one on one career coaching from employment officers in large companies, as well as support for various ECDC-related activities, will be provided.



If a student has already completed a program established after 2006 but before the ECRP started, it can be authorized for ECRP credit when the registration and attendance of the student are confirmed. Students who wish to participate are expected to register by the second week of September through the ECDC Web site (http://




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