Ewha E-business Cyber Academy Opens Its Doors
Ewha E-business Cyber Academy Opens Its Doors
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Ewha together with the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), Samsung SDS Multicampus, and the Korea Venture Business Women"s? Association (KOVWA) have recently agreed to create an E-business Cyber Academy for Women (www.ebizacademy.net) beginning from March 3. The MIC has allocated about 19 million won for the establishment of the academy. This academy was created in a bid to bring women experts into the e-business field and to reduce the shortage of e-business professionals.

During the opening ceremony held on January 28, President Shin In-ryung along with e-business experts from China, HongKong, Japan, Taiwan, and the U.S. stressed the importance of developing women experts through on-line education as well as the role of women in the e-business field and the current status of campus computing, based on a survey of key universities around the world.

The e-Business Cyber Academy is open to graduate students and unemployed graduates; however only junior and senior undergraudates are eligible to apply. Ten courses will be offered in this year"s academic program, including e-business accounting, financial management, electronic commercial transactions, and Internet marketing. Free on-line lectures will be opened frequently as well.

Professors of Business Administration from Ewha and experts from the e-business institutions will be lecturing , and the academy is slated to organize special lecture sessions, inviting successful woman CEO"s in Korea to deliver speeches on their experiences while engaged in the e-business field.

Ewha is also considering whether to establish a cyber graduate school for women if there is even more need for specialists in the e-business field.

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