Cyber University Broadens The Opportunity Of Education
Cyber University Broadens The Opportunity Of Education
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Only a few years ago, the Internet served as the channel of communication, entertainment, and information. However, as the use of the Internet became a a worldwide trend and the increasing number of users are expecting better on-line services, more education-related sites began to emerge recently, such as the "cyber university."

The first cyber university in Korea opened in 2001 with 800 students in nine schools, and the number of people applying to cyber universities is increasing every year. Approximately 40 thousand students will be enrolled in 16 different cyber universities in Korea beginning this March.

A cyber university can be defined as an on-line university where all lectures and academic programs are provided through the Internet. Cyber universities are playing a big role for those who cannot spare the time to go to school or who cannot afford to pay school expenses.

There are no set limits in terms of the number of applicants that each university can receive. In order to apply, you need to hand in is your high school academic records, a written self-introduction, and your study plan.

Cyber universities have received 23,603 students in total this year, which is a 41 percent increase compared to 2002. The majority of cyber universities" tuition and fees are 1,000,000 won or lower per semester.

Students can have one-on-one talks with the professors on-line, and the assignments are submitted by e-mail.

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