Virtual Courses : The End To Hectic Mornings
Virtual Courses : The End To Hectic Mornings
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It is seven o"clock in the morning, and you are already late for school. You never have time to enjoy a slice of bread, let alone have the luxury to start the day with a sip of morning coffee. The jolting bus is crowded as always, and there is never a vacant seat until you get off.

If this sounds like your typical school day, here is a solution that can put an end to all your hectic mornings. All you need is a computer and your full, undivided attention, and you are off to take your next class, because Ewha is now one of 65 universities to participate in the Virtual-University Trial Project, which has resulted in the creation of 15 virtual institutions. Ewha provides various virtual courses through the Ewha Cyber Campus (

The merits of these virtual courses are obvious. For one, they break free from all sorts of time and space restrictions. "Because I was in charge of choosing when and where to take the course, I could use my time efficiently," says Ahn Ick-hyun (Sungkyunkwan Univ., 2) who has taken two virtual courses through the Cyber University last semester. "Plus, I can rewind and repeat the parts that I did not fully understand at first. It can be a major help during the exam periods."

Another big advantage of virtual courses is that it gives students the chance to compete with students from other schools and countries. Because many schools have joined together in providing these courses, students can freely compete and communicate with other schools and students, including many foreign students. International participation elevates the level of the studies as well as stimulates the students.

These virtual courses also reflect the changing trends of our education and society. According to Professor Jung In-sung (Educational Technology), in this fast-changing society where everyday there is a new theory being created and no solid permanent information exists, the needs for just-in-time education that satisfies individual claim are both timely and appropriate. "As the computer and Internet technology advanced so did e-Learning. The paradigm of education is shifting from teacher to students. And cyber campus and virtual courses are what resulted from it," she concluded.

"Though virtual courses have many advantages, without the students" efforts, they can easily fall into the trap of not having to go to the school part. Students can end up taking all the courses the day before the exam. Students" cooperation is essential," she added.

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