World Class University Project in Ewha
World Class University Project in Ewha
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Ewha produced nine teams to be supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST) for the World Class University (WCU) project. Ewha ranked the fourth place in the number of teams selected for the project. WCU is a government-backed project announced by the MEST to strengthen universities’ research capabilities so that they can be competitive with top-ranked world universities. At the same time, the Ministry wants to switch the phenomenon of brain drain to brain gain by fostering this project. Overall, 52 research teams from 18 universities have been selected as beneficiaries of 830 billion won government funding over the next five years. The project itself is divided into three types: “Establishment of Majors/Departments (Type 1)”, “Invitation of Individual Scholars (Type 2)”, and “Invitation of World-Renowned Scholars (Type 3).”

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