Type 1: Establishement of Department of Bioinspired Science
Type 1: Establishement of Department of Bioinspired Science
  • Son Min-ji
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     Ewha has newly carved its “first” mark in the field of science with the establishment of a department that the world has never known. It is the Department of Bioinspired Science.
   The Department of Bioinspired Science was founded on March 1 as an achievement of the first type under the World Class University (WCU) project that includes the establishment of Majors/Departments. The department will start its program this September.
   The major goal of the department is to foster education based on natural science and practical approaches to research on disease and aging by combining subjects like chemistry, pharmacology, and life science. Also, the department focuses on training students to foster an inter-disciplinary knowledge about science.
   “The department's attempt to combine diverse subjects like pharmacy and chemistry to understand a basic science can be regarded as an effective try,” said Jang Hyun-jung, who works in the department’s office.
    Overall, 17.5 billion won will be financed over the next five years to build a high-tech science hall, scholarship support for students and also for the new research rooms for visiting scholars.
     Many well-known and top-class professors will be invited to teach in the department. The visiting scholars include Kenneth D. Karlin, a famous scholar in abiochemistry from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, Joan S. Valentine, a well-known bioinorganic chemist from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Sason Shaik, a computational chemist, and Shunichi Fukuzumi, a physicist and organic chemist from Osaka University.
     Jo Han-joong, an active-oxygen researcher, and Distinguished Professors of Ewha including Nam Won-woo (Chemistry), Rhee Sue-goo (Life Science), and Choy Jin-ho (Chemistry) are also the members of the faculty.
The department of Bioinspired Science plans to provide great support for students entering into the department.
    Ewha has high expectations for this department. It hopes that future global leaders in the field of science will be nurtured through the curriculums of this department by receiving English lectures by world renown professors.
   “Ewha will produce great women scientists and one of the top research institutions for convergence science in the world,” said Professor Nam Won-woo (Chemistry), the director of Ewha's Center for Biomimetic systems

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