Reminiscing sad story of late Joseon: Gyeonghuigung Palace
Reminiscing sad story of late Joseon: Gyeonghuigung Palace
  • Hong Jee-won
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Enveloped by 21st skyrocketing rectangular buildings, lowly yet firmly lies the 386 year-old Gyeonghuigung Palace , which has withstood all the victories and defeats of during the past three centuries. This palace, one of the five grand palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty, was constructed as a detached royal villa, where kings of the Joseon Dynasty stayed during their daily excursions.



Gyeonghuigung Palace which was originally composed of 100 units was reduced to half of its original size in 1910 when Joseon was under the rule of Japanese imperialism. It was officially opened to the public in 2002, after being closed for 57 years. Visiting the palace will allow one to enjoy Gyeonghuigung’s triple pleasure of touring the grounds, experiencing Takewondo, and taking a visit to the museum. In addition to the typical scenes, the ongoing Prada Transformer project is another current attraction at this palace.



Heunghwamun & Sungjeongjeon



Heunghwamun (Seoul Tangible Cultural Property No.19), the main gate of Gyeonghuigung Palace , has its doors wide open to welcome visitors. Heunghwamun was returned to its original spot in 1988 after serving as the front gate for Bongmunsa, a shrine established to honor Ito Hirobumi.



Entering through the Heunghwamun, the grand building, Sungjeongjeon, awaits visitors. This building functioned as a meeting hall between the king and his subjects and held royal events such as enthronement ceremonies. King Gyeongjong, King Jeongjo and King Heonjong each held their inauguration ceremonies here.



Taekwondo Experiential Program



Taekwondo Experiential Program for foreign visitors is held on the grounds of Taeryeongjeon three times a day (except Mondays). Also, breathtaking Taekwondo performances are held at 2:00 p.m., from Wednesday to Saturday. Those who are interested should sign-up at





Seoul Museum of History (SMH)



Seoul Museum of History (SMH) is located next to the Heunghwamun. For only 700 won, one can enjoy the culture and history of Seoul . Currently, a special exhibition commemorating the 7th Anniversary of the SMH, titled “Promenading in the Unhyeongung Palace ” is being held, continuing until the end of May. The owner of Unhyeongung Palace was the father of King Gojong, Lee Ha-eung. The exhibition tells us about the Imperial Household at the end of the Joseon dynasty.



The SMH provides lectures for adults and foreigners to learn Korean history, which are so popular that they have waiting lists. Also, free movie nights, which are open to the public, are held every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. One can check out the movie schedule at



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