Ewha Law School opens
Ewha Law School opens
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               Starting this year, the Ewha Law School will replace the College of Law as one of 25 graduate law schools to start the new national system for law students. With a total of 100 students admitted, the Ewha Law School will specialize in gender law and biomedical law.
              “As the only women’s university chosen to establish a Law School, Ewha is emphasizing its role of nurturing future woman lawyers with internationally competitive power,” said Professor Kim Moon-hyun (Law).
              The Ewha Law School plans to provide woman-friendly facilities, including a nursery and a play room on campus for students who have children.
              The faculty members include a total of 37 professors and 14 additional teaching staffs. All are legal scholars with both theoretical and practical backgrounds, including the Chair Professor Lee Jae-sang. Professor Lee has a reputation of being an expert in civil law.
             With 196 subjects to be offered, the Ewha Law School will offer the largest number of courses among the 25 law schools. Classes will include self-designed field classes based on students’ previous majors. Exchange programs with foreign law schools and agreements with public corporations to do internships will help students choose a career path. As the school’s specialization in gender and biomedical law focuses on significant issues concerning women, students will gain respect toward gender equality and human lives.
            The majority of the accepted students, 41.4%, were from Ewha Womans University. Students from Seoul National University and Yonsei University followed. There were 53 students who did not major in law and 46 students who were law majors. Lee Sun-mi, currently a doctor, was one of those accepted. “I wanted to apply my specialty in medical work to law,” said Lee.  “Ewha’s reputation and its specializion in biomedical law were very appealing to me.”
            The opening ceremony of the Ewha Law School will take place on March 5 at 2 p.m.

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