Ewha freezes tuition fee
Ewha freezes tuition fee
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             Ewha’s President Lee Bae-yong announced to freeze the tuition fee for the upcoming 2009 academic year and create a special scholarship to help disadvantaged students on November 28.


During the first Korean Council for Presidents of Private Universities’ seminar, which was held on November 21, President Lee stated that there should not be a situation where students cannot attend school due to the current economic crisis. Thus, Ewha has decided to freeze the tuition fee hoping that students and their parents’ financial burden could be alleviated. Other than freezing the tuition fee, Ewha has also decided to create a special scholarship for students in need where the school pays the interest of their student loans.


             Professor Kang Hye-ryun, the head of the Office of Planning and Coordination said, “The school has made a difficult decision to help students and their parents. Freezing the tuition fee means that the school is determined to help the students greatly, considering the current inflation rate.”


             The Student Government Association (SGA) welcomes the decision President Lee has made. “We wish this is not the end, but more efforts should be made both by the school and students to eventually lower tuition fees,” said the SGA President Kang Jung-joo (Korean, 4).


             Ewha froze its tuition fees during the 1997 financial crisis and has not frozen it in the recent five years time. Other universities including Korea University , Hanyang University and Sungshin Women’s University have also decided to freeze their tuition fees for 2009.




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