North Korean Studies celebrates 10th anniversary
North Korean Studies celebrates 10th anniversary
  • Son Min-ji
  • 승인 2008.11.24 21:55
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             The Master'a and Doctoral Interdisciplinary Programs in North Korean Studies held its 10th anniversary ceremony on November 6 at Lee Sang-Bong Hall of the Ewha Campus Complex.
             The course was founded in 1998, with an aim to produce future leaders who pursue collective goals and amend relations between North and . It offers comprehensive interdisciplinary courses on politics, economics, and philosophy related to .
             North Korean Studies majors toured the Ewha Archives to see the exhibitions on Ewha'a history. "The purpose of this event was to know more about our school and its history," said Jang Keun-young, who works at the Office of the Master's and Doctoral Interdisciplinary Programs.
            The second session was a special academic seminar about the past historical relationship between North and since 1948. The seminar, divided into two parts dealt with economic cooperation and the history of exchanges in arts between the two . Researchers from Seoul National University (SNU) and the Korea Institute for National Unification participated in the the lectures and discussion sessions.

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