Ewha Volunteer Center distributes Kimchi to the community
Ewha Volunteer Center distributes Kimchi to the community
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Participants of Contributing Kimchi to Society mix Kimchi ingredients -cabbage and spices - together.


     In association with KT & G Welfare Foundation, an organization handling social contribution projects for KT & G, the Ewha Volunteer Center hosted a Contributing Kimchi to Society event on November 13. It was held in front of the Student Union Building, as one of the seven programs in an annual week of events called the Beautiful World Ewhaian Makes. This was the first year the Contributing Kimchi program became one of the events.
This year's events kicked off with Ewha students donating blood on November 3, followed by programs to improve views of the disabled on November 5 through 6. The Contributing Kimchi event was the last event to wrap up the week. Its purposes were to practice Ewha's legacy, to spread Ewha's volunteer culture, and to build up a sense of community among Ewha family members.
     Over 60 people including undergraduates, graduates, and faculty members participated in the event. "We were searching for an activity that all the Ewha family could participate in and, at the same time, contribute to the society," said Lee Hae-sook, the staff member of the Ewha Volunteer Center. "We found that the Volunteer Center of Seodaemun-gu held an annual program making Kimchi for people in need. The volunteer service held the program with Yonsei University last year and we decided to hold it this year," said Lee.
     Apart from Ewha faculty members and students, people from all over the community came to help make Kimchi. Soldiers from the Capital Defense Command and volunteers from Suhyo Buddhist temple were also seen in front of the Student Union Building. The crowd of participants made the process a lot easier.
     The event's opening ceremony was held at 9:30 a.m., with President Lee Bae-yong congratulating the participants. A festive ambience was formed by the cheerleading of Pyrus, and then, participants started to make Kimchi at 10 a.m. "I did a lot of volunteer work as part of the volunteer club Nanumi," said Son Min-ha (Computer Science, 4). "I also signed up for another program in the Beautiful World Ewhaian Makes. At that event, I was asked to join this  event and I sprang at the chance." Participants included both students who volunteered through their clubs and individuals who enrolled in the event as the result of active searching. "I have participated in several events over the last three years that I attended Ewha," said Yoon So-jung (Clothing & Textiles, 4). "I wanted to spend my college years helping others. I tried to participate in as many volunteer activities as possible and school provided lots of meaningful activities which I can take part in," said Yoon.
     Cabbage and spices, which are the ingredients of Kimchi, were prepared by the Volunteer Center of Seodaemun-gu, and the participants were in charge of mixing up the two, therefore completing the Kimchi-making process. "I think that volunteering is an extension of education," said Kim Yoo-hwan, Dean of the Office of Student Affairs. "President Lee always emphasizes moral education. Thus, Ewha continues to hold events with different themes every year in order to help students be aware of key social issues." The event was over around 1 p.m. and the Kimchi was distributed to 1,500 less-fortunate households, such as elderly people living by themselves or families with low income, in the Seodaemun-gu area. "It was as successful as expected. However, it would have been more festive and crowded if it took place on a weekend," said Lee.
     Starting its first event this year, the Contributing Kimchi program plans to continue its tradition for the coming years. "I hope that this event can be the start of a new volunteer program of Ewha, and encourage Ewha students to participate more in volunteering," said Lee. I want every student to be aware of that they can volunteer in various ways inside the Ewha," said Lee.

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