Happiness That Rose From Ashes
Happiness That Rose From Ashes
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Lee Ji-sun Shares Her New-found Meanings Of Life
She was her parents pride, a gentle and obedient daughter. She was loved by everyone, a sophisticated student of Ewha Womans University with a bright and sweet personality. She had dreamt of becoming an elementary psychologist because she adored children. One unfortunate accident changed everything. Now, neither her looks nor her dreams will ever come back.
The horrible accident that changed the life of Lee Ji-sun (Elementary Education, 01) occurred on June 21, 2000. On a typical night, Lee and her brother were driving home from school. They were crossing the Han River, when they got in a six-car accident. Flames erupted from one of the cars, and Lee, who lost her consciousness, missed the chance to escape from her car. The accident left Lee with third degree burns (classified as life-threatening) from her knees to her face. Lee underwent 11 major skin grafting surgeries so far, yet she has come only halfway through. According to the doctors, Lee needs to undergo at least 20 surgeries to regain her previous appearance.
She is asked if she wonders why, of all the other people, it had to be her: "It is a very selfish question to ask why I had to be the victim. So then, does it mean that it is okay for it to happen to somebody else?" she asks in response.
She is asked if she wonders what would have happened if only they would have left school five minutes earlier. The response is brave: "After the car accident, I did question God why he did not protect me better. But if I start to think in such directions, there is no end. It would be torturing myself because I cannot reverse time."
Before, Lee was an ordinary university student, whose major concern was "making a boyfriend." Much changed after the accident.
"While I was in the hospital, I could not go out of the ward because people would be frightened by my looks. So I had no choice but to go out at night. Seeing the stars twinkle in the night sky inspired me. The cool wind that blew on my face gave me the firm belief that I was alive. From then on, I was able to be thankful for each and every small thing," says Lee.
Examples of feeling grateful for such small things are the moments when she first turned the doorknob by herself, and when she was able to hold chopsticks again in her hands. They were the first things that she had to relearn how to do on her own.
A few months ago, Lee? story was televised in a program called "Human Theater." The program was a sensation, giving the viewers deep impressions. It was not easy, however, for Lee to appear in public this way. Lee, her family, and the show"s producer also had concerns about the way people would react to her appearance, so at first the show"s director started shooting Lee from her side and back. But soon Lee refused to be filmed in such a way. She wanted to show herself as she was. And she did.
"Agreeing to be on the Human Theater was a great choice. It became much easier for me to live life. Before, everybody looked at me twice in curiosity and often even showed disgusted looks. But now people see me as I am. I am now a welcomed person," says Lee.
Thousands of people visit her homepage (http://www.ezsun.net) everyday, including old friends and new friends and fans who saw her on "Human Theater."
"Most people first visit the homepage because they feel sympathy towards me. Among them, there are those who are in despair and those who feel that their lives are the most miserable ones. But they seem to discover the happiness and thankful feeling I now live with, and leave my homepage feeling the same kind of emotions," says Lee.
She is asked whether she misses the ?ld days and wants to return, only if she could. Again, the response is brave: "Honestly, I do not. I have learned so much, and I can confidently say that I am happier."


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