Department seminars welcome students' participation
Department seminars welcome students' participation
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  Have you ever had a sminar or colloquium that you wanted to attend badly but had to give up just because your schedule did not allow it? If so, you might be happy to hear about the 5 p.m. seminars offered by several Ewha's academic departments. These seminars are neither announced on the Ewha homepage, so you may have them missed out.

College of Pharmacy

               The College of Pharmacy holds an academic seminar every Thursday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Pharmacy Building B, room 402. The seminars were started in March 2007 by Professor Seo Eun-kyoung (Pharmacy), who wanted graduate students to have more opportunity to attend seminars. "Since Pharmacy is related to many other studies, I thought it was important for students to obtain knowledge in not only pharmacy but other related studies including biology and chemistry. Although the class is mainly for graduate students, undergraduate students are also welcomed," said Seo.

              The weeks ago on October 2, Professor Song Mi-ryung of the Gwangju Institute of Science Technology held a lecture titled, Dose Dependent Assembly of LIM Transcription Factor Complex in Spinal Motor Neuron Speicification. Hwang Yoon-bi (Food & Nutrituion, 2) said, "The lecture was hard but interesting at the same time. At the end, I just grasped the idea and was satisfied that I had the chance to participate."

              On October 16, Doctor Chin Young-won, a researcher at Seoul National University (SNU) gave a lecture on potential cancer therapeutic and cancer chemopreventive agents from plants, explaining natural product research done by SNU researchers. "I hope through this lecture, students were able to learn about the importance of plants and everyday food in pharmacy industry in the 21st century," said Chin.

              "The announcements about the sminars are made through posters up on the board in the Pharmacy Building A and B. I hope students will participate more actively and grab the opportunity to see the broader world," said Seo.


              The Physics department, in conjuction with the Basic Science Research Institute, has been holding a weekly seminars and colloquium since September 2006. Every Wednesday, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in room 153 of the Science Building B, professors or researchers are invited to give lectures on students. On September 10, Professor Yoo Soo-ah from Duke University held a lecture titled, "Radiation Physics and Evolving Technologies for Cancer Treatment," and on September 24, Professor Ahn Hong-bae of Pusan National University, held the colloquium under the topic, "The World of Milky Way: Similar Ones Gathering Up."

                The most recent seminar was on October 1 by Professor Kang Young-woon from Sejong University under the topic "The Year of World Astronomy, 2009."

Political Science & Diplomacy

              Every Wednesday, the Department of Political Science & Diplomacy holds a special forum. At 5 p.m. students gather at room 161 of the Ewha-POSCO Hall to watch a movie or attend a lecture.

               Through 2007, students watched movies related to their majors and discussed the issues and controversies mentioned in the movies. Since the spring semester of 2008, the department has diversified its programs to include special lectures from the department's alumnae to give insights to students who are still attending university.

              Jung Min-ha (Social Sciences, 1) decided to attend the Wednesday Forum recently but the forum was a second choice for her as she could not fit an outside seminar in her schedule.

               However, Jung soon found out that the forum was a great opportunity for her. She began to attend the seminars more frequently. "It is not as grand as the forums arranged and promoted by the university administration but the contents and insights of lectures attracted me," said Jung.

               "These special lectures are not only open to students in the Political Science & Diplomacy major, but everyone is welcome to come and participate. Sometimes, even snacks are provided for free," said a staff member at the office of Political Science & Diplomacy department.

               Although there are programs offered by various departments within Ewha, many students do not participate because they do not even know such programs exist. Hwang said, "I knew about the academic seminars through my cousin who attends the College of Pharmacy. But I think there are not enought advertisements about the seminars. I wish there were more notifications so that students could actively take part in."

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