Ewha successfully hosts world forums
Ewha successfully hosts world forums
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Ewha successfully launched its global week on October 21 with the Ewha-Wellesley Leadership Conference. The Women’s World Forum followed for two days in a row and the University Presidents’ Forum marked the week's end on October 24.

The Ewha-Wellesley Leadership Conference was a joint program designed by the two institutions, newly added this year when the presidents of both Wellesley and Ewha found they had similar views on women's leadership. Five Wellesley professors were at the front of a pack of global leaders who led the conference through speeches and discussions.

The Women’s World Forum was co-hosted for the second time by Ewha, the City ofSeoul and MBC Broadcasting System at the Walkerhill Hotel.  The forum was held under the theme “Women as Agents of Change: Building a Diverse and Sustainable Future.”

The University Presidents’ Forum was held at the LG Convention Hall within the Ewha campus, where presidents from various countries were invited to talk about “The Role of Universities in the Future.” The program included a panel session where groups of five to six students and one university president discussed topics that the students chose in advance to the forum.

           “I believe this to be a rare opportunity where I can actually sit down and talk with a university president face to face,” said Yang So-jung (English, 2). “Through the discussions I found that presidents are not distant from the students but are actually anxious to hear what we have to say.” 

          The event was meaningful for the presidents too. “I had a chance to talk about the global problems surrounding us with other university presidents,” said Helen Washburn, a member of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education and the former president ofCotteyCollege in the United States. “Knowing that all these presidents and global-minded students are working on those problems just makes you feel better.”




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